Particulars (Sources Of Funds)Mar 2016Mar 2015Mar 2014Mar 2013Mar 2012Jun 2011
Share Capital 10.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.00
Reserves Total -6.83-6.52-5.90-5.68-5.41-4.61
Equity Share Warrants0.
Equity Application Money0.
Total Shareholders Funds3.173.484.104.324.595.39
Secured Loans 5.632.
Unsecured Loans
Total Debt8.725.072.372.210.700.71
Other Liabilities0.
Total Liabilities11.898.556.476.535.296.10
Gross Block
Less : Accumulated Depreciation
Less:Impairment of Assets0.
Net Block
Lease Adjustment0.
Capital Work in Progress0.
Producing Properties0.
Current Assets, Loans & Advances      
Inventories 2.802.802.802.802.802.80
Sundry Debtors
Cash and Bank Balance3.283.002.342.540.29-0.01
Loans and Advances 0.161.990.
Total Current Assets6.247.806.166.294.325.10
Less : Current Liabilities and Provisions      
Current Liabilities 2.862.764.924.904.224.30
Total Current Liabilities & Provisions2.862.764.924.904.224.30
Net Current Assets3.395.041.241.390.100.80
Miscellaneous Expenses not written off
Deferred Tax Assets1.681.731.491.391.270.89
Deferred Tax Liability0.
Net Deferred Tax1.681.731.491.391.270.50
Other Assets1.661.633.553.523.644.41
Total Assets11.898.556.466.525.296.10
Contingent Liabilities7.390.