Particulars (Sources Of Funds)Mar 2023Mar 2022Mar 2021Mar 2020Mar 2019Mar 2018
Share Capital
Reserves Total -12.92-3.251.872.732.572.03
Equity Share Warrants0.
Equity Application Money0.
Total Shareholders Funds-9.91-0.244.885.745.585.04
Secured Loans0.
Unsecured Loans32.3336.14313.97560.211026.21912.81
Total Loan Funds32.3336.14313.97560.211026.21912.81
Other Liabilities0.
Total Liabilities22.4235.90318.85566.491032.15917.85
Loan / Non-Current Assets 21.8223.77296.
Fixed Assets      
Gross Block
Less: Accumulated Depreciation
Less:Impairment of Assets0.
Net Block0.
Lease Adjustment0.
Capital Work in Progress0.
Investments 9.8321.3922.8627.0213.7720.69
Current Assets, Loans & Advances      
Sundry Debtors
Cash and Bank Balance1.570.530.540.450.702.40
Loans and Advances
Total Current Assets1.570.540.55539.081018.39910.53
Less : Current Liabilities and Provisions      
Current Liabilities
Provisions 10.799.730.760.090.180.15
Total Current Liabilities & Provisions10.809.780.780.140.7314.22
Net Current Assets-9.23-9.24-0.23538.941017.66896.30
Miscellaneous Expenses not written off
Deferred Tax Assets0.
Deferred Tax Liability0.
Net Deferred Tax0.
Other Assets0.
Total Assets22.4235.92318.84566.491032.15917.85
Contingent Liabilities0.