Particulars (Sources Of Funds)Mar 2012Mar 2011Mar 2010Mar 2009Mar 2008Mar 2007
Share Capital 10.0010.0010.0010.0010.0010.00
Reserves Total -5.86-5.79-5.16-3.921.341.53
Equity Share Warrants0.
Equity Application Money0.
Total Shareholders Funds4.144.214.846.0811.3411.53
Secured Loans 3.503.523.523.523.513.52
Unsecured Loans
Total Debt3.503.523.614.004.004.02
Other Liabilities0.
Total Liabilities7.667.818.4510.0815.3415.55
Gross Block
Less : Accumulated Depreciation 2.161.881.891.741.601.31
Less:Impairment of Assets0.
Net Block 2.092.352.642.943.233.52
Lease Adjustment0.
Capital Work in Progress0.
Producing Properties0.
Current Assets, Loans & Advances      
Inventories 1.531.560.740.220.180.21
Sundry Debtors 4.924.955.011.631.711.60
Cash and Bank Balance0.00-
Loans and Advances
Total Current Assets6.456.4710.806.918.278.00
Less : Current Liabilities and Provisions      
Current Liabilities 6.116.485.550.390.450.39
Total Current Liabilities & Provisions6.196.525.800.610.740.63
Net Current Assets0.26-
Miscellaneous Expenses not written off
Deferred Tax Assets0.
Deferred Tax Liability0.
Net Deferred Tax-0.01-0.02-0.03-0.05-0.05-0.10
Other Assets5.305.510.
Total Assets7.667.818.4510.0815.3415.55
Contingent Liabilities0.711.020.710.710.010.00