Particulars (Sources Of Funds)Mar 2017Mar 2016Mar 2015Mar 2014Mar 2013Mar 2012
Share Capital 19.4219.4219.4219.4219.4219.42
Reserves Total -40.29-39.99-39.52-39.07-38.64-38.21
Equity Share Warrants0.
Equity Application Money0.
Total Shareholders Funds-20.87-20.57-20.10-19.65-19.22-18.79
Secured Loans0.
Unsecured Loans10.9810.7310.349.919.569.41
Total Loan Funds10.9810.7310.349.919.569.41
Other Liabilities0.006.916.916.916.917.12
Total Liabilities-9.89-2.93-2.85-2.83-2.75-2.26
Loan / Non-Current Assets
Fixed Assets      
Gross Block 0.450.450.450.480.480.55
Less: Accumulated Depreciation 0.380.380.380.370.360.43
Less:Impairment of Assets0.
Net Block0.
Lease Adjustment0.
Capital Work in Progress0.
Current Assets, Loans & Advances      
Sundry Debtors 0.0034.1634.2534.2534.2833.07
Cash and Bank Balance0.
Loans and Advances
Total Current Assets0.0234.2234.2934.2934.4533.50
Less : Current Liabilities and Provisions      
Current Liabilities
Provisions 9.8537.1837.1837.1837.2835.85
Total Current Liabilities & Provisions9.9837.2337.2137.2437.3235.89
Net Current Assets-9.97-3.01-2.92-2.95-2.87-2.39
Miscellaneous Expenses not written off
Deferred Tax Assets0.
Deferred Tax Liability0.
Net Deferred Tax0.
Other Assets0.
Total Assets-9.90-2.94-2.85-2.83-2.75-2.27
Contingent Liabilities0.