Ambition Mica Limited was incorporated in Ahmedabad, as 'Ambition Mica Private Limited', under the provision of the companies Act 1956, vide certificate of incorporation dated March 19, 2010, issued by Assistant Registrar of Companies. The company was converted into Public Limited Company vide fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon conversion from Private to Public Company, dated March 25, 2015, issued by Registrar of Companies.

The company is one of the leading manufacturer of mid segment for decorative laminates and door skins. During the year 2014, within a short period of the existence, the company has garnered 8% market shares in 1mm mid segment brands, which is the highest second segment, as per survey by Ply Reporter Magazine. The company is marketing laminates under brands like Antique, Arm Lam, Antique Aurum, Antique colourcore and Antique Natural Wood and also marketing door skin under brand like Beautique, Texas, Micro Touch, Antique Natural Wood, and Door Touch, all the brands the owned by the company.

The company believes in emerging technology, in order to leverage the power of technology in effectively reaching out to the consumers and has also developed websites, where customers can see the range of designs online. The company has developed a mobile app by the name of Doorskin world on Andriod and Los Platform, to benefit the customers, dealers and distributors and enabling them to choose from a wide variety of designs for door skins. The App is available for free download in google play store and apple store

The company aims to focus on adopting innovative manufacturing approaches to meet the customers expectations, quality and become leaders laminate industry.