Pudumjee Pulp & Paper Mills (PPPM) incorporated in Nov 1964 is into manufacture of all varieties of paper, paper boards, paper products and cellulose pulp. N P Jatia along with persons acting in concert holds 51.52% in PPPM as on Dec 1, 2003.

PPPM, which started manufacturing operations at Thergoan, Pune, in Jan.'68, with an installed capacity of 6000 tpa, now produces 22,000 tpa of speciality paper.

For the first time in India the company has manufactured grease-proof and glassine paper(used for specific packaging purposes) in 1968. The company is also the pioneer in manufacture of chemical pulp using/from straw and bagasse, to make speciality paper.

PPPM has evolved a technology for cleaner manufacture of pulp from bagasse which is the main raw material. This method is solvent-based and has been patented as the PUNEC (Pudumjee non-wood ethanol cellulose) process.

The company has installed an imported second hand paper making machinery during the year 1997-98. Further in 1998-99 the tissue making machine and power plant commenced commercial production. With the view of reducing cost of raw material, the company has installed during the year 1999-2000, waste paper recycling plant of capacity of 75 tonnes per day.

In 1988, the company set up a waste-water treatment plant which reduces the impurities in the waste water while generating as a by-product, methane which is used as a substitute fuel in the boilers.

In recognition of the work done on treatment of waste water, the company has been selected as a model unit by the United Nations Enviornmental Programme. The British Standards Insitution has granted the company certificate under ISO 14001, in view of the commitment of the company to environmental protection.

PPPM's subsidiaries are Pudumjee Investment & Finance and Gresham Investment & Finance.